Saltneys Salt Alternative

Based on clever natural flavouring technology Saltneys Salt Alternative is the ideal solution to reducing salt and reducing sodium in food and drink products. We have developed a complex combination of natural raw materials that perfectly compliment the flavours and tastes in your recipe to deliver as close as possible taste and flavour to a full salt / full sodium recipe.

Saltneys Salt Alternative is an effective salt substitute for food manufactures allowing for major reductions of added salt in recipes. When dosed in recipe it will help deliver the same flavour and taste compared to full salt recipes but with the added advantage of much lower levels of sodium and salt.

Saltneys Salt Alternative is a salt reducer / salt replacer that is made with completely natural ingredients in fact it's virtually sodium free.

Saltneys Salt Alternative is also fully soluble and is very heat stable and is suitable for all applications where salt is required for taste purposes.

Saltneys Salt Alternative does not contain any artificial flavours, colours, or MSG.

All of our ingredients are NATURAL. No other salt alternative, low salt or salt replacer product uses our unique natural flavouring to achieve the great taste of Saltneys Salt Alternative.


Our natural Saltneys Salt Alternative is great used in any of the following applications…

  • Seasonings
  • Meat Brines
  • Coatings and Marinades
  • Nutrition
  • Sauces
  • Potato products
  • Dairy products, including cheese
  • Bread and bakery products
  • Soups
  • Ready Meals




Plus many more…..