With the rise in the number of users of E-Cigarettes around the world comes the appeal for an ever increasing array of flavour profiles.

R S Flavour Ingredients has developed a substantial range of flavours to meet this pursuit of diversity, keeping within strict and desirable regulations. The enjoyment for the E-Cigarette user never overshadows our responsibility to safety so our broad and interesting range of high quality flavourings are all produced free from Diacetyl, Diacetyl Analogues, Lipids, Terpenes, Essential Oils, Triacetin or other substances currently identified as potential irritants to the respiratory system.

We understand the complexities of an E-Cigarette process and atomisation. Our developers have created detailed flavourings that will not produce the feared sugar burn when vaped and working with industry leaders, our E-Cigarette flavourings provide a high strength flavour delivery.

  • Fruit Flavourings
  • Tobacco Flavourings
  • Candy Flavourings
  • Confectionary Flavourings
  • Menthol Flavourings
  • Alcohol Drink Flavourings
  • Beverage Flavourings
  • Medicinal Type Flavourings
  • Dessert Flavourings
  • Herb & Spice Flavourings
  • Blended Flavourings






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